LR - Lulu Edible Massage Oil 24K Gold - Forbidden Fruit 2oz

LR - Lulu Edible Massage Oil 24K Gold - Forbidden Fruit 2oz


It is no surprise that Lulu’s Forbidden Fruit Edible Massage Oil tastes and feels luxurious, now one can literally indulge oneself to a piece of luxury with Lulu’s new Forbidden Fruit Edible Massage Oil with 24K edible gold. Gold has always been a symbol of power and perfection and there is no better way to treat yourself and your loved one than with tasting a little bit of excellence. You’ll be shining on the outside and the inside.


This delectable massage oil is made from sweet almond oil with natural flavours, creating a fragrant oil that is also edible.

With the sweet scent of dulce de leche, this enticing erotic massage oil is lusciously fragrant with the sugary taste of caramel punctuated by the nutty base of the oil.

Infused with natural aphrodisiacs, this sensual massage oil enticing and undeniably alluring, enhancing your lust.

Place the bottle in a bowl of hot water to gently warm the oil before use for a more sensual experience. Massage the oil into your lover's skin without inhibition, working the oil into the skin to leave it feeling, smelling and tasting delicious.

Presented in a beautiful glass bottle and an illustrated gift box.


Ingredients: Organic Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil), Organic Flavor, 24K Edible Gold Flakes.

Forbidden Fruit: Delicate blend pomegranate, asian pear and berry.


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